Fae Elf Pride 2010 Ends Sunday 4.11.10 !

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My friend Morgaine Price dropped her recent creation WISH on me, and let me know that the FAE ELF PRIDE festival is still in full swing until tomorrow! So if you meant to stop by and check out the events…….she’s got a fun gown that has an add on pack to spice up the look as well.

50% of the proceeds of the purchase of the gown WISH will go to charity!

This gorgeous green velvet is a little hot this time of year. So you can pick up the add on pack for some styling options with a cooler touch.

You can find both sets at Mer Elf Creations and create a minimum of two looks from each set – I’d have made up even more if my RL wasn’t a time crunch today! The velvet is gorgeously textured and beautiful.

Details on the Fae Elf Festival from the Press Release:


The first Elven Pride in the World!
April 2nd – 11th 2010.

All are welcome to a joyous fun gathering of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual Fae in a sim specially made for the event.   Many straight friends and supporters are coming to have fun and we look forward to joining them in celebration.  Come and discover your inner fae!  A fantastic sim is being conjured – bursting with wonderful creations from a group of superbly talented fae designers.   Newly hatched Rainbow Dragons are arriving, taking you on wondrous guided tours either solo or with a friend. 

Magickal, Fae and Gay!  Yes.  We are magick.   On Secondlife  we are set free from boundaries of  age, race, gender, sexuality, species, location, travel, language, discrimination and many limiting health conditions and if that wasn’t enough we can all fly!  The fae revelling in the beauty of Nature with fun and frolics.  We have no organised religion but a strong ethos of friendliness, warmth, cleverness, artistry and naughtiness. 

We are many sexualities, full expressed.  To quote a dear friend:
“We’re here, we’re queer, we’ve got pointy ears!”

At Fae & Elven Pride you arrive in a tall building 130 metres high – a place of light and dance with an incandescent swirling floor, bringing chakra energy alive.  Small  galleries abound all over the sim displaying sublime of fae art. 

Exploring further you can cavort among giant flowers, walk through a Summer meadow of interactive sound and soar into the skies on enormous bees.  If you look carefuly you will discover a fae circus hidden in the trees, with sassy mischivous performers on trapeze, tightrope and much more.  You can try your luck between performances without a net!  If you fall in love with the amazing circus costumes(I hjave already), there is a small shop selling all things circus close by.   Just view the photos.

The Mer area is astonishingly beautiful with rippling and sparkling sand…..a glittering underwater world cradling you as your cares melt away.  Bathe in exquisite colours with surprises at every turn.   One look at the merfolk costume photos and you will indeed by hooked.  (Sorry couldn’t resist it).  Giggles. 

Then suddenly the Dark.  A high darkl  land, potent,  passionate
and carrying a sense of impending power.   Dare to get lost in the Dark Tower.  Where wil you find yourself?  You have held back long enugh, unleashe your wicked side here.   *Makes a bee line for it and hopes nobody is watching.

 All the lands have fascinating shops designed exclusively for Fae & Elven Pride – many items created especially for the festival and never seen before.   A shopaholics paradise.

So welcome to the first Elven Pride for Fae of all kinds: Dark Elves, Drow, Dragons, Elves, Fae Creatures, Faeries, Furries, Merfolk, Neko, Tinies and many more.  A very diverse fae mix, each with their own philosophy.  None of us desire to be anyone’s equal.  We claim the right to be unique.  We are gay and we are proud! 
Let’s dance out wings off! 

Greville Oh – Chief Goffer, Fae & Elven Pride 2010


Style Notes

*Bold R Indicates a Review Item*

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Laqroki – Classic 2 Mahogany
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Efe – Cat Eyes Dark Lips R
  • Eyes – Sterling Artistry – Crocus
  • Silks and Dress – Mer Elf Creations – Wish and Wish Add on Pack R

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