Vampires Are Not Only Interested In Your Sn@tch

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been hanging out with Winter too much, that’s for sure. I suppose, given the diversity of individuals on the grid, that it’s easy to forget that your best friend is Cthulu, a demon or say – A VAMPIRE.

He's Also a Giant, Who Knew?

So you tend to let your guard down. Break the rules of common sense, INVITE HIM IN THE HOUSE for one.  Everyone knows they can’t come in unless you INVITE them but there I was just porting him in like it wasn’t the black of night and he wasn’t the undead.

I gave him sushi, and some A+.  Just some – not all.

He’s a messy eater though. /Me Hands him a napkin.

OMG MY HANDS! No wait, those are his hands. PHEW. (I actually had this thought during the shoot. I was like WTF IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING HANDS! Oh hell those are Winters………)

I feel like a petite flower next to this giant Vampire.

I have to get back on my perch before I get into trouble. But Winter and I wanted to show you all some of our favorite pieces from one of our most beloved shops on the Grid – Sn@tch. Now I have to climb back up there before I get into trouble and he finishes the job on me!

Style Notes:

Winter is Wearing:

  • Sn@tch – Dreaded Ponies
  • Sn@tch – Eden Velvet Pants in Black
  • Sn@tch – Baron Shirt
  • Sn@tch – Lost and Damned Corset
  • Sn@tch – Steal this Padlock Collar
  • Not from Sn@tch – Den Dou Vampire Skin and Fusemelon Apple Eyes

Gidge Is Wearing

  • Sn@tch – Velvet Milk Innocent Skin NOIR
  • Sn@tch – Cuntry Death Top in Black
  • Sn@tch – Cowboy Boots of Evil
  • Sn@tch – Eden Velvet Pants in Green
  • Not from Sn@tch – Hair – Exile Amelia, Nails – Pxl Manicure, Ring – Concrete Flowers, Eyes – PXL Glow Eyes

0 thoughts on “Vampires Are Not Only Interested In Your Sn@tch

  1. Winter Jefferson

    Fantastic job, Fuckerette. It’s easy to tell which hands are mine; the ones that always have nailpolish on them.

    Another fun shoot, and with Ivey’s clothes it’s always going to look great.

    And you taste pregnant. Blergh. Imma hit the Trueblood for another few months instead.

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