The Blowpop Challenge:Prad vs. Gidge

It started out on Plurk, as a lot of things do. Annyka of BLOWPOP announced a new product, her cute as can be BOY SHORTS. And Prad starts extolling how GOOD he would look in them.

And of course, the princess in me had to throw down the gauntlet and declare that I’d take that as a challenge – and that I would look better than he in Blowpop’s boy shorts.

So now you’ve seen Prad’s effort.

And this is my offering. You see Prad didn’t bother to wear the BRA! Coward!

This is a contest folks and I need you! Please vote in the comments………who do you think is rockin’ Blowpop’s Boyshorts the hardest?

0 thoughts on “The Blowpop Challenge:Prad vs. Gidge

  1. Dot

    I’m confused. Prad is on a tropical island, yet I would swear it is a cold day when I look at his undies. I’m going with Gidge.

  2. Stacie Pryor

    /me votes for Gidge. It wouldn’t have done him any good to wear the bra because your boobs are so much better anyway! <3

  3. shelbyrasmuson

    Prads trying too hard and he’s too small in the pics…You look great without even tryin’! Gidge all the way!

  4. SarahTheRed

    Prad looks cold. But aside from that, well, he does look quite nice. Mmm hmmm. Very nice to look at.

    Still, Gidge wins, for filling out the top so very nicely. 😀

  5. Harper

    I gotta take Gidge, too, mainly because I can barely see any of Prad there. You need to get ready for a close-up, Mr. DeMille (grin)

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