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It all started with the hair. This damned hair that Cajsa has been flaunting from Exile…….I had to have it. As  Hannibal Lector taught us – WHAT do we Covet? That which we see every day. So eventually I broke down and bought it because OMG it’s big and floofy and FANTASTIC.

And then, I wanted a party dress to wear with such festive hair. I was completely thrilled to find a previously missed gorgeous retro styled dress from BOOM – that had been given away at the VIP Keys hunt a few months ago. She also has in the store MANY great dress options – I think this one might’ve been just for the hunt.

This festive party dress gave me an opportunity to break out some of my FAVORITE panty hose on the grid- from SHOP TOSHY. Check out the totally festive roses on the back and the seam – VERY nicely done. Toshy makes her product on all bottom layers-  pants, sock and underpants, so you can find a way to make them work with your dresses. She has a great selection.

Since I was previously trying to patronize everyone who so graciously GAVE to the VIP Hunt…..I went to Boom and had to buy……

….a gorgeously demure retrol styled bathing suit.

I slipped into the Antonia hair from Truth (don’t want to mess up my do while swimming).

I am wearing PXL Creations July – in Natural Tone – Coffee Lips. I Feel Pretty….Oh So Pretty…….

Hart, please come over in RL and do my eye makeup. Kthxbai.

Style Notes

Bold R Indicates a Review Item

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – 1. Exile – Jenna in Ash   2. Truth – Antonia in Barley
  • Dress and Bikini – BOOM! Vip Hunt Dress Gift and Maui Waui Lili – Red
  • Hose – Shop Toshy
  • Pearls- Armidi
  • Shoes – Tesla – Elise 2
  • Skin – PXL CREATIONS – July – Spring Coffee in Natural R


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