Sister Act

posted by Gidge Uriza

Heehee. Ok it’s true. I did IM the entire Bloggers Group that I could see Cajsa’s butt. It wasn’t my fault, at first we were discussing my goat – and we somehow ended up discussing her butt when she TP’d into my extremely organized and not prim trashy at all bedroom.

You believe me right?

Most of these things aren’t my fault. I don’t have sisters you see. When I was in college, other girls would say “Could I borrow this sweater/dress/jeans?” and I’d say “Ummmm, no. Get your own.”

Not only am I sisterless, I’m the oldest by 10 years in my family and the first born grandchild on every side of my family. I’m spoiled, and I don’t like to share.

So I work out my sister issues on Cajsa. Apparently right now, I’m working through the teasing and taunting phase.

I suppose that I should mention that despite the fact that I could see her butt due to her AO – that she has a really GOOD butt.

We ended up having a party – I’m not sure which we were celebrating more – the goat or her butt.

The dress I’m wearing today is from Gypsy Soul – one of my favorite shops for casual summer dresses lately.

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Laqroki – Tasha – 10
  • Hair – Truth – Marianne – Barley
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields
  • Dress – Gypsy Soul – Meadow
  • Jewelry – Lucas Lameth – Feuille – Naturelle

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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Hah! My sisters were 15 to 25 years older than me, so I got the only child spoiling x 5 because my siblings spoiled me too. However, I had cousins and they can be as bad as siblings, let me tell you. My cousin Elizabeth and I fought over clothes and what tapes we would listen to for hours and I cannot even tell what my cousins Peter, Reuben and Daniel did!!!

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