Queen of Hearts:Part 2

posted by Gidge Uriza
The problem with blog-partnering with someone creative and talented is that sometimes, when you pick their brain – they send up more than one good idea. Aztec Queen of Eating Hearts was one great idea of Cajsa’s. But she also tossed out DOLLY! As in ….Hello……Dolly, Well Hello……Dolly.
Because, if you KNOW the story…….Dolly is the beloved matchmaker and mover and shaker of her day.

So Cajsa thought it might be fun to do an updated version – what would the modern Dolly look like? Well, first off – she’d have a hat. A great big flippin’ hat.  This hat from the Ethereal gown set of Sascha’s Designs is just the ticket.

The dress is from her Trocadoro line – which includes several different colors and a very naughty sheer bodice that just treads the line between lady and shady lady.

And Dolly was NOT a shady lady.

I’m sure you can understand the song’s urgency to “Find Her An Empty Lap….fellas……” after all. This girl means business and is not to be trifled with.

I like to think of her as the kind of girl who could get things done with a cuddle and a kiss – or a Daisy Cutter, depending on what the situation required.

She’s a little bit like me, then – isn’t she?

I want to thank Winter Jefferson who is my beloved friend in a nongay way or maybe it’s a gay way or maybe he’s just one of my favorite people on the grid because of  his intergrity, creativity and overall vampire parlance.  He’s one of the most fun bloggers I know and one of the few I bother to read.

His challenges inspire the joie de vivre in my blogging again on days when my creative well runs dry. And he has provided me with brilliant nights of collaboration with my bestest sl friend Cajsa.

Thanks Fucker. You rock, in case I haven’t made that clear.

In a non-gay way.

style notes

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations – KIM in Natural Tone – Red Lips R
  • Hair – TRUTH – Berri in Tahiti
  • Eyes-  Poetic Colors – Lavender Fields
  • Dress – Sascha’s Designs – Trocadoro Red R
  • Hat – Sascha’s Designs – Ethereal Hat – Red R
  • Jewelry – Paper Couture – Diamond Pearl Menagerie

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