Queen of Hearts Part 1

Posted by Gidge Uriza

Winter Jefferson and I are back to our old tricks, challenging one another to something. This week, with all the hoopla surrounding the new Alice in Wonderland – he’s challenged me to be the Queen of Hearts. I in turn challenged him to be the Mad Hatter.

But you know, Queen of Hearts is a broad theme. Because you know – Queen of Eating Hearts is another way to go……..

Cajsa was my willing victim – I’m fairly sure that she gets some sort of sack full of virgins or extra corn in the afterlife for being a martyr, in this pseudo Aztec Ritual we staged in the Rainforest Sim.

Mmmmmm YUMMY!

And the Gods are pleased too! So THAT’S A PLUS! I bet the people on the Rainforest Sim have good weather for a month!

Although – I’m not actually sure I’d want a residence which overlooks a sacrificial altar.  I suppose if a pixel date went bad, tried to click me inappropriately – I could escort them down to the slab!

It nearly killed me to keep this from Winter as we shot it this week. All Cajsa’s idea – so TOTAL props to her in addition to her brilliant shots and artistic additions of gore!  I was so excited by how silly and fun this shoot was I could barely stand it.

If you would like to see the whole shoot of our fun click here

Shot on Location at the Rainforest Sim.  Lotsa great photo ops and fun areas to explore there!

Fashion Details:

Cajsa is Wearing Alpha Tribe’s Monsieur Rousseau’s Blackbird

Gidge is Wearing Alpha Tribe’s Monsieur Rousseau’s Panther and Cleo’s Totally Jeweled Beaded Hair.

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  1. Isle Lunasea

    Damn I so love those Alpha Tribe skins. Love love them.

    Great fun shots! Will have to check out the sim.

    And love the take on queen of hearts heh 🙂

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