A Travel Piece by Gidge Uriza

Sooooo, last night in an effort to DO something besides just shop I started just messing about in SEARCH. I put in Greece, thinking it might be lovely to putz around some Greek Island or what have you……and well – I found CRETE – a MINOAN ROLE PLAY SIM!

OMG I had to go!  One of their Role Play requests is that you dress in costume (provided for free at the entrance) and that the females BARE THEIR BREASTS – in respect for mother earth, of course.

Well, when in Rome (or Crete.)

This got me to wondering…….how does one ROLE PLAY Minoan?

“Wow that Minotaur, he’s bad, huh?”

“Yeah….baaaad. Hey let’s stop by the temple of the bull and sacrifice Jim.”

“Nice boobs, who does your nipples?”

You know…….stuff like that.

I started off doing the usual touristy stuff, worshipping their gods, going through their market, general sight seeing stuff.

But then I got adventurous and decided to DO THE LABYRINTH!

I Started Out In Laqroki Classic 2 Hair but Switched to Tekeli Lis Melange

I took a couple of wrong turns in the labyrinth, ending up with some sharks once and in a pit of fire once, which wasn’t all that pleasant. But eventually I got out alive.
Relaxing in my new Home Away From Home, The Minotaurs Labyrinth

Relaxing in my new Home Away From Home, The Minotaur's Labyrinth

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Fashion Posts.

Style Notes:

Hair – Down Hair style is Laqroki Classic 2 in Sunkissed, Up Do is Tekeli-Li’s Melange

Outfit – Freebie given at Gates to City – You gotta wear period clothes!

Skin – PXL Creations Grace Fair Wine

Eyes – Poetic Color – Lilac Blossoms

3 thoughts on “A Travel Piece by Gidge Uriza

  1. Shu Mayflower

    The outfit was a freebie by Bodice ancient clothing. Now found at The Cyclades ancient greek islands 🙂

  2. David

    Wow, that is really cool. I have always been obsessed with Minoan culture. Any chance you could send me a link to this game?

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