Beauty, Omega Point Style

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have to admit that  wandering the open hells-mouth at Omega Point I was first off surprised to find a STORE. I putzed around a bit, still thinking I was going to find that elusive HAIR I was looking for but when I realized that I was in the wrong place and FOUND the notecard with the landmark I needed, I couldn’t resist a little more shopping.

Imagine my surprise when nestled between the skulls and soul-eating demons…..were some ball gowns.

Some really really elegant ballgowns.

The Queen of All I Survey........

The Queen of All I Survey........

It’s got elegant details all around and I just love it’s over the top styling. HELLOOOOO I’m  a PRINCESS!

Ok yes I totally picked that out cuz I was feeling left out of the ballgown extravaganza Cajsa is shooting for Evie’s closet.  🙂

PXL Creations Grace in FAIR Tone - Coffee Lips

PXL Creations Grace in FAIR Tone - Coffee Lips

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL CREATIONS – Grace – Fair tone with Coffee Lips
  • Hair – Damselfly – Alyxandra – Sand Dollar Blend
  • Eyes – EarthStones – Stoned Eyed Amethyst – Dark
  • Dress – KW2 – Anje – Cherry
  • Shoes – Did I even wear shoes?

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