How to Tell if Your Friend is a Wannabe/Sometimes Fashionista

posted by Gidge Uriza

  1. She notices straight away your shoe bases aren’t on.
  2. She knows if you bought the color that was reduced price when the new release came out.
  3. She knows what size your head needs to be, to fit various hair shops.
  4. She tells you your necklace is floating.
  5. She knows whose shoes you have to have and whose are ok.
  6. She never takes you to a BIAB store.
  7. If you tell her your budget she knows exactly where to take you to spend exactly ALL of your money.
  8. She recognizes fashion bloggers while they are shopping
  9. She tells you when you forgot your glitch pants.
  10. She digs this pose like mad.

I wanted to do something super cute for Hart’s new release GRACE at PXL Creations and Cajsa hit it right on the head.  A Grooming Anim! You know I already have her sit and brush her hair sometimes……:)

Fortunately I had the GIRLY GIRL rashguard from VOGEL and the coordinating bikini to show off this new, super femme skin from PXL. I just love the face and I think the bod speaks for itself.

To Hart I say SMOOOCH. Once again, PXL makes me beautiful. 

And to Vogel – EXCELLENT BEACHWEAR! Love it as always!

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All photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studios

Fashion Details

  • Shape 170 CM by Peppermint Blue
  • Skin – Pxl Creations GRACE – Natural Tone – Cat Eyes Rose Lips R
  • Hair – Truth – Olivia -Tahiti
  • Suit/Rashguard- VOGEL – Pink/Hibiscus R
  • Nails – AE Rogue

***Bold R indicates a Review Item***

Fashion Details

4 thoughts on “How to Tell if Your Friend is a Wannabe/Sometimes Fashionista

  1. Heidi Volare

    So pretty in pink!

    I love this post! It’s like the girlfriend in RL who quietly pushes the tag down on the collar of your shirt. Friends like that are priceless.

    What is a BIAB store? *blinks*

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Business in a Box. All that stuff that is “reseller” much of which is ripped from content creators and then distributed to “Start Your Own Store.” The problem is that although some of it can be cute, or even quality (sometimes) – you can’t VERIFY the source due to copybotting.
    To be avoided, unfortunately, at all times.

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