Best Friend Love

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to have a different Second Life. It was full of friends and fun and parties, but it wasn’t always so good. Like so many of the Second Lives you read about in places like SCD Secrets.  But then I met a new friend, originally hired to help me out with events like the one pictured above, and below.

And what ended up happening was that we had all these great ideas, and all these really elaborate events and parties.  And we had the very best time – even when it was annoying… was fun to us.

But then it stopped being fun. And then it became unpleasant. And then it became the sort of retarded emotional drama that one can only find in a pixelated world that people take too seriously.

My best friend left. Then she invited me to come with her.

Know what we did?

Well, we did this. (Don’t ask how many times that plane got parcel owner returned)

…then we did THIS

and we buried the past and went and did this…….

So Here We Are……

This post is not just about fashion – you’ve all gotten the fashion details on most of those outfits anyway.

This post is about your Second Life.

If you don’t like it, change it. It’s Yours.

And this post is about Cajsa. 

She’s not only one of the best frickin photographers in SL……she’s my best friend.  So this post serves no purpose but to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day and to let her know that I will never forget what she did for me.

And I love her very much. (in a non-gay way, pervs).

Because when you meet the right people, they can make your Second Life a happy place.

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  1. Harper

    The best to both of you, today and tomorrow and forever and a day (grin)! I haven’t been gone, just tending to my knitting for a while — really. You should see the scarf I’m working on.

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