Man, I Feel Like A Woman

posted by Gidge Uriza

So this scanty outfit started with the hair. I’d found some big foofy hair at a designer (who shall remain nameless) and it was just all that and a bag of chips. But, sigh, the economics of it were paining me. One color only for L$400?  So many designers are at least including a couple of tones or more for LESS money….

Quibbling over a couple of hundred lindens might seem silly but in fact, I’m just an AV like everyone else and not always MADE of money. Cajsa reminded me that I could check Damselfly for some big hair that might be what I was looking for, so I flew over there.

What I was looking for was big foofy, fun, curly blonde hair that just skirted the line of cheap SL hooker….I didn’t want to CROSS that line (and you know the hair I mean don’t ya girls?).  I wanted Texas Pageant Hair on steroids. And Damselfly did not disappoint.

I’d been eyeballing this lingerie from Armidi for some time, from their mix and match Intimizzio collection, which offers several really fun colors to mix and match of bras and panties, as well as tanks if you want to take it to PJs also. If you haven’t been to the lingerie shop at Armidi – it’s down around the corner from the rest of the stores – just walk around the street – you’ll find it!

Adding my new Barbie Girl skin from La Sylphide seemed only perfect with such big hair. It took me DAYS to finally win this out of the lucky chair but La Sylphide skin doesn’t disappoint me, as usual. Her colors and make up is just cute, I’m in love with the new Erin skins and am going to go back to pick up a couple of other make ups, for more casual looks.

click here to see the whole shoot

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – La Sylphide – Erin – light – Barbie Girl
  • Hair – Damselfly – Cathryn – Sand Dollar Blend
  • Bra – Armidi- Intimizzio Flirt – Striped Grey/Green
  • Panties – Armidi – Intimizzio – Flirt – Grey /Pink
  • Nails – Candy Nail Freebie

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