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SL Weekly Words Challenge – AUTUMN

To me autumn always means the launch of the spookiest time of year, in the month of my birth. It’s absolutely my favorite time of year. I cannot get enough of the macabre or creepy and am constantly drawn to everything haunted and spooky. Continue reading

Gidge's Love List:Tattoo Layer Makeups

Starting with a simple Skin and Makeup From EXILE

I’ve decided to make sweet love next to one of my favorite recent addictions when it comes to making myself pretty, tattoo layer makeups.

Tattoo layer makeups offer one of the greatest sources of diversity of style to us girls and guys since hell, I don’t know what. Since whoever the hell invented SHOES. Maybe since then. Color change script. I dunno what.

Regardless, I love’m. They are my crack and I consume without shame.  So I thought I would bring you three different brands which I am not dubbing the BEST but I am dubbing them really really really really really good. I like’m. That’s editorial. Not review. See how that works?

Now, starting off wearing a very simple pretty skin like Exile’s September in Creme – the minimalist makeup I decided to splash on a whole lotta stuffs. You can get a lot of diversity out of one skin now and it’s WAY fooking cheaper than busying skin.

First up is A-bomb. This is the first tattoo layer makeup I ever wore. So you can blame the A-Bomb girls for starting my habit. This is simple eye makeup but as you can see, it really changes the look. Continue reading