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The Scents of Autumn

bags full of leaves are light as balloonsFirst things first, Strawberry Singh wrote an important post about an ongoing fraud happening in SL right now. You should read it to best protect your own account. Of course, a good rule of thumb is not to execute or agree to anything from objects given to you by strangers. While it’s not true that you can never cheat an honest person, it is true that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
bags full of leaves are light as balloons
So autumn is here. Here in Oregon, it’s raining, bringing sweet relief from the heat and let us hope, from the fires that are destroying so much habitat in the Pacific Northwest and California. Here in SL, though, there are no fires and the rain is holding off for another day. However, the state fairs are all over and all the 4Hers have their ribbons and are back in school. Fruits are being harvested and canneries are running around the clock. For me, though, lounging by the barn is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Schadenfreude’s black squirrel is much more industrious, picking up a small pumpkin to store away.
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It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and we live for new adventures..make the most of it!

A new year is approaching and I can’t wait for what the year has in store. I know my resolution is to live a little, take more chances and remember to appreciate the small things. What are yours?


retrobabe_003Hybie is wearing:

SKin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Europa 02
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Eyeliner: Exodi – Sophie – Glamour
Hair: Truth – Sassy 2 w/ roots – Chocolate
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Shoes: N-core – Coquette – black
Eyes: IKON – Horizon vs – White
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