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Requiem pour Lyly Straaf

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Lyly Straaf died.

She died in RL, so it’s permanent, and not some SL moment that can be corrected.

I can’t share with you about the little hands that will miss her, or the man that grieves. Or about what happened or how very sudden and tragic it is. These are not mine to tell, and I won’t break the rules of the grid and pour out the words that would make her flesh instead of pixel.

But I can share with you that she was funny. And we often had such a silly time in the past, filling up prims decorating a place to Vic’s chagrin. Griefing him with funny objects when he went AFK for too long. Laughing about our frustrations and spending time sometimes just talking about nothing.

We didn’t always get along. We’re girls after all, and cats will fight. Continue reading