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Let’s Go

I miss the days when I would get off work and come home and GET READY TO GO OUT. It was exciting, that my day was getting ready to get started at 6pm and the night was ahead. Makeup, hair and nails would be freshened up as we headed out into the adventure of the night.

Those were the days. Now mostly I just would like a nap. Continue reading

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon


I go out to work on a Monday morning
Tuesday I go off to honeymoon
I’ll be back again before it’s time for Sunny-down,
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon Continue reading

The ARCADE IS COMING – Get Your Skin On

The Arcade is rolling into town on March 1 and it’s time to start showing you what some of the goodies that are going to be available are. One of my FAVORITE things The Arcade offers is AWESOME skins at a steal. Usually these pulls are 100L and well worth it.  I showing you the three rares in the first photo. The skins will also have a lip color option, and a freckles option, so if you’re a freckle girl you can definitely have them. Continue reading

A Day In My Second Life

It always starts the same way, that infernal RL Gidge logs me in, and rouses me from my slumber and lazy girl ways.  Luckily, she appreciates my desire and need for a hot, caffeinated beverage before even thinking about getting my pixel life going. Continue reading

Guest Stylist: Maeve Byron

Guest Stylist Maeve Byron

It’s been a while since we have featured a guest stylist here at It’s Only Fashion, but after I ran into Maeve Byron at the Mahrathon this weekend, I had to ask her to volunteer. She said she liked the blog, so of course, I wanted to feature her. Besides, she was a generous supporter of the Mahrathon – which raised 322,000 lindens for Heifer International. Yay!

According to Maeve, “I guess my style puts comfort as the main priority. Although fashion blogs like A Passion For Virtual Fashion, Juicybomb and of course It’s Only Fashion have inspired me, I don’t really jump on cutting edge style; I prefer a more classic look…maybe it’s an age thing. I like to look smart, tasteful, cute and approachable.”

I think she succeeds. Don’t you?

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Taking in the Holiday Home Tour

I had a little free time so I decided to hit the road for the Holiday Home Tour this weekend (Contact Tymmerie Thorne for a NC of Slurls ASAP! It’s only today and tomorrow!). It was a gorgeous winter day to get out and I managed to get through three lovely homes before I had to get home to relieve the sitter. Continue reading

Maitreya Comes To Collabor88

One of the things that makes Collabor88 a hallmark event each month is that the releases from the core group of designers are certain to be high quality, must have items. It’s a combination of talent, reputation and love of what they do that they put into every piece they release. Events get tired, and worn out. Collabor88 roars back in every month and it’s always the same chatter “I can’t get in.” “Someone leave Collabor88″ “It’s been two days and I can’t get in”. This isn’t because of the cache of simply going. It’s because there are a core group of designers releasing great things that add beauty and style to our second lives, head to house. Continue reading

wakey wakey xmas breaky

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged here on It’s Only Fashion or anywhere else for that matter. Taking a break from virtual life and plurk life and sitting at my computer has been pretty refreshing. I’ve mostly just been getting ready for the holidays and spending more time with RL friends. I mean, I do check in from time to time, I have a sim and a store that I don’t want to completely ignore but it’s been nice to concentrate on other things. I highly recommend it.

I had some alone time earlier and thought I would log in and check out the xmas expo and all it’s holiday goodies. While there I purchased this vintage dress from Leri Miles Designs called Olani in Ginger Girl. This dress’ proceeds go to charity in support of Relay For Life.


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Tree Trimming

My Christmas tree from LAQ Decor was a great find, Sasy recommended it when I was casting about for something new.  I haven’t been feeling well so comfy clothes from Somnia were perfect for my rainy night in.

Feeling crummy and wanting to do all the things is frustrating. Add to that gloomy weather, and a general malaise and decorating my tree was the most cheery thing I could think of to do. Continue reading

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Dress



MiaMai has released a gorgeous little cocktail dress that twinkles. It twinkles and shines. With materials, it really twinkles. This makes it kind of addictive, watching the light play over the dress. It’s so fun to watch that it’s almost a flaw – addictive!



It’s also flexible – because you could remove the flexi skirt and wear it as a slim sheath – I love the scalloped hem.

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