Head Games

Genesis Lab has a head out at KUSTOM9 and for 99L a pull you might just get lucky like me and end up with the head! Even if you don’t, the Gacha is FULL of makeups that you can use with your other head if you got the one at Collabor88.  

I now have two heads from Genesis Lab and I really like them both. I’ll probably end up making them my go-to face for when I’m in my Belleza body – I’m not completely sure but probably. The Belleza Appliers are free on Marketplace which is really thoughtful thank you creator! You just kept me in this head way more than just a dalliance for sure. I’m not sure which face I like more, who knows maybe I’ll just keep switching them up!

I got the head on the last pull I did, I actually pulled a total of four times – getting makeups in the others. I’m showing you some of them, I love the snowflake eyeshadow that’s really pretty for a winter party.  And these lipsticks are wicked, love the reds.

And with that now I have to decide what head to wear tomorrow. So many decisions, so little time.

Happy Tuesday girls!

Gidge is Wearing:
Head: Genesis Lab Head DAFNE available at Kustom9 in a Gacha
Makeups – Genesis Lab makeups available at Kustom9 in a Gacha
Hair: DOE – Tessa

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