Seeking Validation

Everyone has their own method for naming their products in Second Life. I tend to go to the WORD OF THE DAY from OXFORD or WEBSTER. Sometimes folks on PLURK will head over there and say “HELP ME NAME THIS PRODUCT.” That happened on the 29th, as I sat in McDonalds. Lindsey Warwick sent up the call for help naming a new pair of shoes.

I was sitting in McDonalds. I took a look at my receipt, and answered her with the first word I saw. VALIDATION. YAY ME SHE LIKED IT! Continue reading

The Heat is On


Baiastice turns on the heat with these too hot to handle caged bra top and colorful belted miniskirt. In several colors and solids, it’s heating up the joint at Collablor88.

The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
The pressure’s high, just to stay alive
‘Cause the heat is on

Continue reading

A Bloggers Work Is Never Done

I am decorating my house which is taking SO MUCH TIME because I want it to be perfect. I don’t want to move again until next year. I did the kitchen, mostly, and now I’m doing the entryway. But I can’t spend all of my time decorating, I need to blog and shop and take pictures I really do. Continue reading

It’s Only Art #4

It's Only Art
The Flickr® stream was full of many beautiful nudes this week as people were enjoying the smooth joints and supple curves of their new Venus from Belleza. I probably could have done an entire 50 picture gallery of just those shots, but there is the Belleza group for that. Instead, I looked for some storytelling pictures. As always, there’s a gallery of my favorite fifty of the week.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.50.49 PM

This picture from Nomak Nyoki is amazing with a verisimilitude that had me checking to see if it was really done in Second Life® and it was. The pose is completely natural and that puff of smoke is so perfectly done. The angle of the bench draws us toward the subject. Even though there’s no background other than white, the shadows ground the picture. It’s a stunning photo that with great simplicity tells a story, sets a mood and demonstrates exactly how much you can do in Second Life. There are not very many photos in his photo stream, but it is well worth your while to go check them out. Continue reading

My Sewing Corner

All of the women in my family can sew, or did when they were alive. Everyone had these types of corners with fabric strewn about, with bobbins and pins and patterns, or pattern paper, tossed around willy willy.

Everyone can sew, except me.

I could never sort it. My mother actually became a professional seamstress, creating home decor items for boutiques of various sorts. If you could do it with a sewing machine, or even just a needle, my mother can do it. She could sew dresses for me, just looking at the picture. She made her own patterns, taught by her grandmother, who could do the same.

This beautifully detailed set from PIXEL MODE for THE ARCADE (which is STILL OPEN BTW) gave me a chance to give Pixel Gidge a new skill, she’s now going to learn to sew.

I love things for my home that continue or enhance the narrative of Gidge’s SL. These items fit perfectly into this alcove into my new house ! It was meant to be

The Sewing Corner by Pixel Mode for The Arcade Sept 2014

Miami Heat at COLLABOR88

The Miami Heat theme rolls on at COLLABOR88 and there is still time to go pick up the must have pieces for your wardrobe and SLife.

As an SL Beach Dweller I am always looking for new cute summery things and this combo from Baiastice is perfect. Continue reading

Man in Florida


Collabor88′s theme for the month is Miami Electric – featuring the electric tropical colors that bring to mind that sunny city. I have never been to Miami, so all I know about it is from the media. Those aerial shots in CSI Miami make it look like an architectural center of excellence – beautiful and pristine. Real Housewives made it seem less than perfect,let’s say but, of course, the strongest influence on my impression of Miami is the infamous Florida man. Let’s just say Florida man probably does not shop at Collabor88. Continue reading

Waiting for you to come home

Waiting for you to come home


I hate when the man goes away to work. It leaves the house so empty and quiet.

Fortunately, it gives me the chance to dress up and hide in his man-cave for when he returns.

This lingerie was from a new store (to me at least). I found Carrie’s Lingerie in the websearch and was surprised that I hadn’t come across it before. The store is HUGE. I was greeted by a lovely CSR who was more than happy to answer my questions.

I’m usually wary of new stores because I don’t know what quality the product is going to be. The vendor image was quite clear, so I gave this a chance and I’m glad that I did.

The wild child lingerie is so cute on my avatar. I love the texturing and colour. My only bug bear is the lace, which could have done to be a little more delicate. The 3d effect wasn’t amazing, but it didn’t let the outfit down too badly.

Another slight issue was a lack of layer options. Each layer option is one item of the outfit. This could be limiting if I wanted to wear parts of the outfit and not others.

If you’re looking for a new store to check out I would suggest definitely hitting up Carrie’s. This is a creator who is definitely going to be huge someday and I can’t wait to see more lingerie hitting their range.

– Style Card –

Hair – Ploom (Misha)
Skin – Pink Fuel (Renee)
Hands and Feet – Slink
Eyes – Mayfly (Deep Sky Monet)
Lingerie – Carrie’s Lingerie (Wild Child)

Cracker Eating, Popcorn Eating, Whatever

Somnia released from silly tee shirts for Lazy Sunday and I have to confess this is normally how RL Gidge sits around blogging, wearing nothing but a tee shirt. I couldn’t resist.

I’m trying out a new skin from Belleza and taking their VENUS body on another spin.  Continue reading