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IOF PSA: Marketing 101 for Bloggers – Social Networks

So after Cajsa did her unbelievably thorough marketing pieces for Creators (mostly fueled by frustration- don’t get us started) it was mulling through both our minds that not only do Creators need some sort of SOP for marketing success, so do us bloggers.

This list is by no means comprehensive or complete. Blogging is a real time evolving thing. It changes month to month. Day to day even. You don’t have to write complete sentences to be a blogger. (see what I did there?)

Regardless, there are some things you can do to improve your blog’s marketing and traffic and I thought I’d list of some of those basics here.

First of all quit lying about not caring about traffic. If you didn’t care about traffic your blog would be private or invitation only. You DO care. The degree to which you care is what is going to motivate you to take steps to market your blog effectively, and how aggressively you market yourself.

We bloggers are peacocks of various ilk. That’s ok. It’s what we do. So then, where to start? Continue reading