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That Top Is a Dress


I am wearing one of the many options for the new Nico dress from Maitreya. It comes in several colors and prints and has an easy summer style with its loose and breezy shape. It is, however, impossibly short for me. Of course, that makes it so very flexible. I could wear it with leggings as a dress or with pants as a top.

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The Great Wall of China


I visted the Great Wall of China during my first month in Second Life five years ago and it was always a wonderful place to go. That’s why I was sad to read that it and three companion sims owned by Amiryu Hosoi may be forced to close. Please stop by and drop off a donation in the box at the landing point and don’t forget to shop at her store, Hosoi Design, if you’re looking for Japanese furnishings, prefabs and decor.

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Farmer’s Market


I love to cook seasonal, locally grown foods and am lucky enough to have a weekly farmer’s market just three blocks from where I live as well as an organic supermarket and a organic food coop in the neighborhood. I stopped by this farmer’s market in Second Life but the selection was not nearly so extensive as in real life. There’s lots of melons, though, and nothing could be finer on a hot summer day than a fresh, cold melon. Many of you may not know that I also do a cooking blog, and there’s a fabulous watermelon salad recipe there if you want to pick up a melon here at the market on Scotland Creinch.

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When I saw the new group gift from WTG celebrating their 3rd year, I knew it was time to check out the MiaMai Wedding Gown Collection to find one I could wear with it. There were so many to choose from and Monica also made the gowns in many colors, recognizing that modern brides are open to variety and individuality in color. However, I went with the traditional white in order to incorporate the jewelry. By the way, if you want a peek at some of the rest of the Bridal Collection, there’s a few great posts already: from Grazia Horwitz. Vaki Zenovka and of course, on the MiaMai store blog.

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Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone

Zenith June

Can you believe Gidge posted this morning before heading off for surgery? She also live-plurked her way through much of the pre-operative process of drugs and painkillers preparing her for surgery, until her last pre-surgery message, “Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone.” Orkney is where mommies go to nap.

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Shocking! Culture Shock is coming to an end

Culture Shock Closes May 26

Tomorrow is the last day of Culture Shock and time is running out for you to save lives by  spending your lindens on fabulous fashions. I know buying a dress at Culture Shock rather than somewhere else seems a pittance, but your lindens make a difference. Your purchase of this dress buys the antibiotics to treat 3 children with pneumonia. The skin or the jewelry will buy vaccination against meningitis for 10 years! You see, many of the things that can save lives are relatively inexpensive, but it’s getting them to where they are needed that makes all the difference. That is what makes Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders so very important. Unlike many other aid organizations, they have no affiliation with any government, ideology or religion and have no agenda beyond providing the health care that saves lives where it’s most needed. This means they are uniquely trusted and able to operate in places where others are not welcome.

With projects in over 60 countries, MSF is saving lives not only around the world but here at home, wherever home may be. We like to think we are secure and isolated from the ravages of famine, disease and hunger but illness is infectious. No man is an island, particularly when it comes to viruses. People who are not motivated to support good health care for everyone out of a belief in access to health care as a human right, should be motivated by self-interest and the need to combat diseases before they become international epidemics.

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I’m Torn About Paying It Forward

Torn Difference

Gozii - a dress from Torn. Torn is a new store that opened in April featuring mesh clothing in a rainbow of colors and prints.

Mostly I am torn because I chose to feature a dress from Torn, a mesh clothing boutique owned by Torn Difference, but it’s not just a play on words. You know I am a sucker for community-building projects, so Harlow Heslop’s Pay It Forward Project has a lot of appeal for me. In an ideal world, it would have developed organically and not in response to conflict, but in the real world, conflict is the heat that makes the seeds of change sprout. There is one way in which I would love there to be a sea change in the blogging world and if this helps bring it about, I will be thrilled.

Torn Difference

Nails from WTG and bracelets from Je Suis continue the black and white theme.

In my opinion, too many see blogging as a zero-sum game, as though the traffic that goes to a competitor’s blog is traffic that won’t go to one’s own. In truth, fashion blogging is more like Starbucks. When Starbucks first began opening their stores all across America, there was a lot of griping about it killing the small local coffeehouses. The reality is, though, that a Starbucks opening up near a local coffeehouse is often the best thing that happens to them. Starbucks is not just selling coffee, it’s converting people to the idea of high-end, specialty coffee and amplifying the market.
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Culture Shock MiaMai 2012

I was thrilled to be able to pair the mesh pants from MiaMai with the mesh tank from JANE. Finding pieces that work together, particularly from different stores, is often a chore. One of the great things about the top from Jane is that it offered a regular and wide hem. With the regular hem, the pants bled through in the back, but with the wide hem, the top stayed on the outside like it was supposed to.  This gave me all the pleasure in having mesh that moved and looked good from all angles.  The print pants from MiaMai are so rich and elegant – and your purchase supports the work of  Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
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Grayed Rainbow II

Wear Gray 2

So, I hope you have headed over to the Wear Gray Market to check out the goodies. There’s tons of items in the stores, plus gachas and even a hunt. The fashion goodness rains down like a spring downpour over there. Go get wet! You can stay nice and cozy warm in this Comfy Top from IReN.

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