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Rite of Spring

posted by Gidge Uriza

Spring is coming. Where I live everything is in bloom and it’s been sweltering warm in the afternoons.  So how else to celebrate the Earth shrugging off winters cold and grey ugliness than to go dancing in the flowers and forests at Oubliette?

I'm an Excellent Dancer

I actually wasn’t paying attention – and wore the shape that came with this costume from Wishbox. 🙂 It’s cute. Continue reading

Fairies and Roses

Fairies should not be counted out for Halloween – although the grimmer spirits of witches and goblins and trolls and vampires will cover the earth, don’t discount those mischievious and impish fairies. Sure, they dress a little lightly for the snowy October weather in Minnesota and Alaska, but they might be nice and cosy in sunnyy Australia and Paraguay.

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