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I know Gidge blogged this lovely combination for Etheria just the other day, but I did choose a different color – going for Copper all the way. The dress is Fae from Lark and the coordinating jewelry from Dark Mouse is also called Fae.

The fun thing is that Faery Sola who knows a thing or two about fae, just sent me some new poses from her Studio Sidhe and I just had to shoot it all together. By the way, if you’re like me and don’t know much about faery realms beyond what’s in the Harry  Dresden books, I asked how to pronounce Sidhe and will let you all now that it’s pronounced like she which strikes me as really cool for some reason.

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Hatchy is a Butterfly

When I sent my friend Hatchy a pair of the D’Fly Candy Corn boots – the 1L boots at XCentricity, she was thrilled and decided to become a butterfly. When I signed on the next day, she sent an IM saying “TP, TP!” I thought she was stuck in a rock, but really, she was just excited to show off her butterfly self.

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