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Thoughts of Spring

1800 miles due east of Portland is where I grew up – in the Northwoods of Minnesota. It sounds much closer in longitude. Only 26 degrees away. However, here thoughts of spring are in the air. In the courtyard there are some crocuses popping up. There’s a small bed of daffodils blooming alongside the church across the street. My best friends camellias are blooming and there’s pregnant buds on the magnolias.  Back home, a blanket of snow covers the ground and it’s a frigid -6 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s -21 to the rest of the world. I am so glad to be here where I can think of spring and put on such a lovely gown as this vernal confection from Lady Thera.

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Vicious Girls 2.0

posted by Gidge Uriza

Looking for a fun Urban Decay sort of spot to shoot, Cajsa and I hearkened back to our past and went to the newly remodeled Vicious Wasteland. With ability to build and run scripts, this is a great spot for shooting photos or people – depending on your preference.

We were choosing to spotlight the fashions of one of The Grid’s Russian designer’s Olya Lowey. Olya’s designs vary between ultra-modern visions of future fashions to Romanov velvet influences, all with sharp details and many including shoes and accessories. Continue reading