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The Christmas Sweater


Kauna has Christmas Sweaters for men and women in all the holiday shades and patterns at faMESHed. Everyone needs a Christmas Sweater for holiday pictures, parties and holiday cheer.

Until glaucoma took away her ability to see the details, my mother knit a sweater for me every Christmas. I can remember most of them. My least favorite was a traditional Scandinavian pullover in red, white and blue she made for me when I was in 3rd grade, even then my color palette was subtler than that. My favorite was a longer tunic sweater she knit in a dark sienna with a Scandinavian knit border print from hip to mid thigh with sienna, pumpkin, cream and dark forest green. One of the most stunning was one she knit of variegated yarn that through serendipity happened to have the exact number of stitches so the yarn formed a gorgeous argyle plaid pattern on the front panel. She knit a gorgeous lacy shell one year that was so soft and made with such fine yarn I could squeeze it into a ball in one hand. The last one she made before her vision dimmed permanently was a soft dove gray, seashell pink and white Scandinavian cardigan with silver buttons. I loved my sweaters and their loss is one of the harder losses from our house fire.

That’s why I dislike the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trope. How can a sweater made with love ever be ugly?

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Things My Brother Taught Me


All my siblings were married by the time I was four years old and for some of them I was a sort of “practice child” that they spoiled with attention. My elder brother and his wife often had me spend weekends with them where I learned to play horseshoes, shoot pool and throw darts. I also learned how to shoot a rifle, hand load bullets and even aim and fire a cannon. He and his wife taught me ballroom dancing, poker and craps.When I was older, he taught me how to drive his stock car. He took me deer hunting, fishing and taught me to swim. He introduced me to dozens of books and encouraged my love of reading. So much of who I am comes from my siblings, not just him, but all of them. But my other siblings will be around to teach their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and my brother won’t. He died of cancer a year ago last July. Too may children lose the gifts of grandparents and family elders to teach them. The work of the American Cancer Society to find cures for cancers is invaluable. And it’s working, Four times as many people survive cancer as did forty years ago. So, let’s keep supporting this good work with events like Fashion For Life – and if support means wearing a rocking hot outfit like this one, how can you resist?
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Mènage á Trois

Well, don’t tell their spouses and partners, but I think that Saschi Vixen of Adam n Eve, Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice and Chance Greatrex of DARE must have had at least a mental mènage á trois because their creations work together so perfectly. When I saw the Adam n Eve Chrome skin I immediately thought of Baiastice more avant designs with a futuristic edge. Putting them together, I knew I wanted a different aesthetic for the poses than the usual and pulled out DARE’s magnificent homage to the art of Robert Longo. I love what the three create together in the pictures I shot at Omega Point. I shot most of the poses in the set if you care to click through to see the rest.

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Gray & Gorgeous

There’s a lot of gray on the grid today as people show solidarity with an effort raise awareness of brain cancer by wearing gray for the day. Cancer is an invidious and heartbreaking disease that can best be defeated by increased awareness which often leads to early detection. Too many of us ignore warning signs and for some, that delay is deadly. I lost my brother to lung cancer in July. Like so many who lose the battle with cancer, he ignored warning signs and dismissed symptoms with mundane explanations – never considering the possibility that it could be cancer until it was so advanced as to be untreatable.  America lost Sen. Kennedy to brain cancer last month and we are poorer for it.  I doubt any of us have lived lives untouched by cancer.  I am happy to lend my support to this worthy cause as well.

I don’t know if a dress as gorgeous as this should count toward that effort, however, since it’s one dress I would happily wear any day of the year.  The lovely Mimikri Seduction Dress in gray is just achingly beautiful.  It’s a lovely silvery gray lace over a satin sheath with an extravagant lace bow in the back. The sheath is opaque over the torso and hips and becomes increasingly sheer as the skirt moves from the hips to mid-thigh.  It comes with a prim sash as well, but I preferred how it looks without the sash.

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Second-Hand Rose

Truth’s Secondhand Jacket is delightful – it has an old-fashioned comfort look about it. You just know the fabric is soft from wear and that all the stiffness in the collar and pockets is long long gone and what’s left is pure, unadulterated comfort clothing.  I paired it with the Feure shirt from MichaMi in part because I am so in love with the texturing on that shirt I seek opportunities to wear it. I feel the same way about the Adam N Eve leather pants. They are my favorite leather pants in SL and they are hot. Moreover, they are thoughtfully packaged with a bootleg and regular leg for maximum flexibibility.

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