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Water Spirits

This dress and jewelry set is another collaboration between Unpick and Twinkleberry – and available at the Twinkleberry store in Albero. Named after Ondine, the water spirit, the dress in particular evokes the element of water – particularly with the prim skirt.

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Fairy Grace

During an intermission at the SLag Fetish Burlesque Show – a show that should be on your must-see list – Hart Larsson passed me a few makeups in his new Grace skin line that he will be releasing this week. This is one of them and so elegant that I had to open the blog post with a photo of it.

While wandering high and low yesterday through all the Albero sims trying to find the store where I bought a shirt so it could be properly credited in the blog – I stopped by Twinkleberry another favorite jewelry store and discovered that the creator was working in collaboration with Un Pick – the designer for the eponymous Unpick clothing line. I saw this dress and it’s acid green appealed to me as did the Twinkleberry garland and anklet accessories. I don’t roleplay fairies, but I do love fairy costumes. Gidge’s influence I suppose.

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