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Specifying Your Photo Size in Your Blog Posts

A bunch of folks are trying to figure out how to work with their photos to get them to fit the 650 pixel or less requirement for I Heart SL. I thought I would show you how I add photos to my posts. There are advantages to posting your pictures using this method. For one, it reduces your use of storage space on WordPress. While WordPress gives users a lot of storage, it’s not infinite, so using Flickr can save you space. If you don’t have Flickr Pro, you won’t be able to see all your pictures on Flickr, but their links will still work in your blog.

I am going to show you in WordPress, but it works the same in Blogspot.

Choose your photo on Flickr and go to the Share button. See the red arrow pointing to it? When you click it will drop down to offer you options.

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Marketing 401 for Bloggers

Well, now we are getting into “Do as I say, not as I do,” territory.  I am talking about Flickr. I use Flickr and I add a link to my blog in my description, but I know I could do much more. Like every element of marketing your blog, you have to decide if you want to do it and if it’s worth the time for you. I occasionally start to use some of the marketing techniques I will discuss in this post, but I tend to get distracted by other people’s pictures and wander astray.

Your Profile

Your first step should be to edit your profile to provide a link to your blog and say a little something about you and your blog.  You have a lot of space, so don’t be shy.

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