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I like all sorts of art and many artists, but for some odd reason my favorites all have last names beginning with K: Klimpt, Klee and Kandinsky. Isn’t that odd? Of course, it’s not odd that someone who loves Klee also loves Kandinsky as they both taught at the Bauhaus, a relatively short-lived art school that had a tremendously positive influence on art and architecture and even product design. So…when I saw the Kandinsky dress from True La La, it was irresistible. It is made of a sleevless tank, prim skirt and socks – all with marvelous Kandinsky print on them. However, I thought that the three pieces of Kandinsky were too much and decided to take a different road for the skirt.

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Foggy Bottom

I suppose since this was not shot at the State Department, Foggy Bottom is a bad name, but it’s what comes to mind. This is actually shot right behind MDR’s studio on our new sim in the Autumn section. In Autumn you can find corn and wheat fields, a wooded forest of fall color or this spooky, scary little bit of mossy, foggy bottomland which I thought a perfect setting for a dress called the Burton dress. From True La La, the Burton dress is suitably macabre for the setting.

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