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Treasures Found

I only spent a few minutes at Sari’s treasure hunt looking for the big balls of yarn, but was thrilled with my find – a lovely Indian print outfit featuring this blouse with a different  skirt. After I put it on, I felt like exploring and went to ShowCase, the new search feature that replaces the Most Popular Places tab. It’s a great feature and has lead me to new places like the balloon ride – which crosses something like 20 sims and takes 30 minutes. Continue reading

Treasure Hunting #5

The Treasure Hunt at Baiastice is still going on – I just signed on for a moment to check, so I thought i would do one more post featuring another extraordinary treasure find as well as another luscious pair of shoes from the Shoe Expo yesterday. After the treasure hunt, the shoe expo and the lingerie and beachwear expo all on the same weekend, my inventory is in a sad state. When I signed off last night, my inventory was leaning over the bar at Flashman’s sobbing into a whisky, a sad, broken thing, despairing of ever becoming the lean and lithe inventory it once was and threatening lag reprisals if it didn’t get some respect. 

However, this blog is not about the dysfunctional relationship I have with my inventory, but the lovely clothing I can drag out of it. Certainly, Treasure Hunt item #5, the lil Grey Dress from Baiastice is one of the loveliest of the treasure hunt finds. A floaty gauzy multi-tiered skirt prim gives it such swaying movement and an airy gentleness that it’s delightfully feminine. The bodice detail is amazing, with delicate black Chantilly lace along the neckline and inset between the bodice and the skirt. You can see more photos on my Flickr.

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Treasure Hunting 4

In an effort to combine posts, I thought I would start with this shoe-centric photo featuring a lovely pair of shoes I found at the Shoe Expo today.  I thought these shoes from Decoyhad that lovely summery feeling that suited the dress that is Baiastice Treasure Hunt #8, the Pop Dress. The shoes are fabulous wedges with a bright turquoise upper with beautiful fine beige edging. The open to and graceful slingback add to a casual, summer sensibility.

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Treasure Hunting #3

I am wearing two treasure hunt finds now, the skin comes in pouch #15 and there are three skins in the set, with pink, purple and a multi-color (gold/green) makeup. I thought the pink for flattering for this dress, but was really intrigued by the makeup on the colors version. The dress is the gift in pouch #1 – a creamy moire satin with delicious jeweled details on the bodice and straps. I turned full bright off on the skirt prim to photograph it and will leave it off for wearing as I prefer my clothes to not be full bright, most of the time.

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Treasure Hunting #2

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

There are treasure hunts and then there are treasure hunts with real treasure like this one at Baiastice. In this photo, I am wearing hunt item #18 – the Delicacy top from Baiastice. The treasure pouch also gives you another in blue that is just as yummy. I tried it with a few skirts and jeans and it looked great with the Adam n Eve leather pants I wore the other day, but I decided that I really liked how it suited the MG Fashions Maria skirt’s dropped waist.  Additionally, the color match was perfect. 

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