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Mixing Things Up in Both Lives


I should probably not be surprised how much my Second Life® taste reflect my first life taste, but I am. It is most noticeable in my home decor which in both lives is a mix of neutrals and brights and modern, retro and industrial. For example, my desk and bookcases are a bold industrial chic combination of steel and red laminate, my couch a modern neutral sage, my art a mix of 19th century graphs and photos with modern abstract prints and retro posters. It should not work, but it does. I think the same happens in-word with the bright colors of the retro plates and modern prints and the neutral table and industrial chandelier. In clothing, I have more than one bold Pucci-inspired print.
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Just Necessities

Just Necessities_001

I had to pop over to the shop o my way home from work. Just necessities I told myself. JUST NECESSITIES GIDGE. You don’t need anything else. But you know, I’m never much good at that, and who can resist purple cookies?

Toxic is also having a 50L sale on everything in the store, so I went over there, it was my first time being in the shop and I was excited because it was a great place to stock up on basics for 50L plus there were some great dresses! Continue reading