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Some Ting Chinese

posted by Gidge Uriza

I got the sweetest notecard a week ago, asking me if I minded if they sent over a couple of chinese costumes for me to look at and possibly blog. I said sure and made a note when they came over.

I got a landmark – but no store name.

However, I tried on this TING ensemble and thought it was cute – you guys know I love Asian influence and this one comes with the hair and the shoes so I decided to find the name of the store and blog it.

Except, I couldn’t figure it out. The creators info is all in Chinese. The store is a kiosk on top of a huge build.

So here is what I know – you can get this cute outfit and other Chinese costumes HERE. The name of the store MIGHT be Tian Xia Hu or that might just be the whole shopping complex. I have no idea. Continue reading