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Little Greenie, I Will Always Be Your Fool

There was an AREA 51 themed party this weekend at The Garden to celebrate this month’s theme, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a poodle skirt diner girl or an alien. I dithered and went back and forth. The best part was, I was putting it all together from fun new and old items in my inventory – proof positive that you don’t have to go out and bankrupt yourself to participate in fun theme events. Continue reading

Your Morning Upskirt

Morning The 16th_003

I was taking some snaps as I had my breakfast this morning when I realized something amazing about my new skirt from BAIASTICE for The Boutique event that, THE INSIDE IS TEXTURED!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE clothing with invisible insides. It looks crazy in photographs in certain poses and I never know when I’m going to suddenly have a huge invisible patch that causes me to throw away a photo.

THANK YOU SISSY PESSOA for texturing the INSIDE of your mesh clothes. Continue reading

Easter Colors Hatch

Easter Colors_003


The soft yellows, pinks and greens of Easter are upon us, signaling spring is coming. Despite the snow storm that just swept across the north of my part of the world, today it’s  a barbecue and socializing that is on my calendar. Continue reading

When Shopping Is Your Profession

New Shoes Blues? Never, I Chose Pink.


With so many things going on this weekend, I decided I wanted mellow shopping day without too many crowds or lag to disrupt my experience. But first, I had to get a touch up at the aesthetician to make sure I was cute in case I ran into any of the fashion mafia.
Getting My Hairs DidI got my roots touched up and decided it might be fun to go check out the Boutique event, especially since I like the idea of a Boutique with cute things you can’t resist. Continue reading