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The Moon is Not Made of Green Cheese


No, the moon is not made out of green cheese, but if you go to Shadow Moon, the sky is. Well, green something anyway! I was wearing this audaciously fun outfit from The Black Canary and decided to check out Shadow Moon – the name of the place sounded so evocative of mystery and danger and illicit rendezvous in the darkness of the shadow of the moon.


Hah! Not so much. Still the bright whimsy of this cartoon goth world delighted my sense of humor. I could not resist.


As you can see, the Lament outfit from The Black Canary is perfect for a night in any goth world – be it in Toon Town or some more sinister realm.  The cape is amazing, so are the collar and cuffs on the shirt and the amazing silver findings that detail the jacket. It’s a beautifully elegant suit that was a delight to wear.
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