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I Knew A Girl Named Ysenia

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to work with this girl named Ysenia who was Cuban. Except, I lived in Tampa – and in Tampa you say SPANISH when you mean Cuban.

So let’s start over. I used to work with this girl named Ysenia who was SPANISH. She wasn’t very girly, she had long straight hair that she pulled back, and she wore her brothers old clothes and really, she made butch girls look girly. I liked her a lot and ate lunch with her frequently, and during lunch she’d taunt me about being such a girly girl and the fact that at that time, I changed my nail color more than some people changed their mind. Continue reading

Oh There Goes Gravity,Oh There Goes Gravity

posted by Gidge Uriza

Meandering through the clothing fair has been a treat this week.  For instance, having wandered into KWZ on the TOKYO sim I feel in love with this outfit that falls under the category of DO NOT NEED/MUST HAVE. So I had to have it. Continue reading

Paeoti For Me, Please! Or – Another Celebration of My Cleavage

posted by Gidge Uriza

I got this gorgeous box of goodies dropped on me – and I first had to share with you this Paeoti – Malady Formal Gown. I swear I had to wear it JUST for an excuse to put on one of my Symphony Skins with the fantastic BUSTY option.

I mean. FOR REAL.

I’m all about my cleavage today – aren’t I? Continue reading

How Do You Know I Like It?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well, personally I’d say the fact that I just wore this outfit for four days is a good sign. Despite the fact that I bought clothes, slipped in and out of this and that and styled several things to wear LATER……I kept pulling this back on when going out and about to do more shopping.

I think that means I like it. Continue reading