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Speaking With a Fan


“Men have the sword, women have the fan and the fan is probably as effective a weapon!” —Joseph Addison

When I studied Spanish in High School, one of the really fascinating lessons was an overview of the language of the fan. For example, resting the fan on the right cheek signaled yes and on the left cheek signaled no. Supposedly the message the fan is sending in this pose is “without your love, I want to die.”  Oops!

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Who Knows Where the Time Goes?


I love the high fashion style of this black and white striped dress with the big shoulder epaulettes from InMonster for Fashion For Life. I prefer clothes that don’t make the alpha go all the way to the edges, it make shots from anything but a straight angle difficult. Of course, many designers do alphas right to the edge because shoppers get irritated at having to tweak the slide even one notch. For me, I would rather tweak that notch and not have little gaps. There are none showing, but from the back, if you are at the wrong angle, you see the yawning emptiness of alpha along the very bottom of the dress. Still, I love its style and it looks good from most angles. I love how the sleeve stripes go the opposite of the dress stripes. 

Who knows where the time goes? Take today for example, it’s 4:30 and all I have accomplished is shooting these blog pics. I have not even done my Fast Five yet. Where did it go? To chatting on plurk, browsing the news, reading about the new Pope and other dithering. Speaking of time going, Fashion For Life is halfway through, so it’s time to make an effort to go there and help support American Cancer Society. In the fight against cancer, the time goes far too fast.

Across the morning sky, all the birds are leaving
But how can they know it’s time for them to go?
Before the winter fire, we’ll still be dreaming
I do not count the time

For who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?

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This Could Be Hazardous



I have been seeing wonderful pictures from Hazardous and had to drop by for a visit. I was feeling chic and sophisticated in the fabulous Ariana sheath dress from Kunglers. It comes in several colors, but this marble version natural colors appealed the most to me.


I though I might share this shot from Hazardous. I will be adding it to Sasy Scarborough’s  Second Life Stock Images pool. The Stock Images pool is an archive of photos that people are welcome to use as backgrounds in photos. You should check it out. Many are pictures from sims that no longer exist, but you can revisit them in photos.



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A Good Day for Tweed



Today is a good day for tweed. The sun is shining and it is colder than usual. There is enough wind to make the cold work its way to your bones if you are not dressed for the weather. But put on some nice wool tweeds and you will be impervious to the wind and ready for anything. When the tweeds look as good as these, you will be more than ready.  Continue reading

Entertaining for Christmas


This year I get to host Christmas dinner and have been menu-planning for over a week and dithering back and forth between the many ideas rolling around in my head. I know exactly what I plan to make for my first course and second course, but the third course is giving me fits. I am serving beef tenderloin, but folks like a starch with their main course, so I am trying to choose between Pommes Anna, Patatas Aioli or Mushroom Risotto. I am planning on roasted vegetables for the other side dish. Anyway, my shopping list grows and luckily I have a gorgeous clutch to carry it and a handy pen around for reminding me of things I need to buy. :)

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