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Italian Style

The Italian community has fostered lots of good designers and also worked together in many ways with Italian fashion shows and gallery showings of Italian artists and the like.  Last year wandering around a Best of Italian festival I happened on Orage Creations and promptly put it on my list of stores I make an effort to revisit once a month at least.  Her specialty is stunning gowns and exuberant fashion. Now, however, she’s doing some homage to great runway fashion such as this recreation of a Versace gown worn by Charlize Theron to the Venice Film Festival.

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Joy, Bliss and General Goodwill

Whilst previewing a new gown from Phoenix Rising called Darken Bliss (shown below the cut) I just fell in love with the corset top and wanted to show it off with another style option. With a name like Bliss I decided it needed a little more goodwill and opted for the sleek, svelte and sexy pencil skirt from Mimikri called Joy. Bliss and Joy, I think we should all sing Kumbayah.

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Too Pretty for Mourning

This lovely black gown with the gorgeous fur neckline and the lovely tulle drapped gloves was sent from the soon to open Phoenix Rising. I fell in love with the exquisitely rumpled full skirt and the beautifully constructed fur collar. As soon as I tried a necklace, though, the collar dropped off as it was attached to the chest instead of the spine.  So I decided to copy the collar and attach the copy to the spine to free up the chest for a necklace and thought I might show you my method which is pretty easy and foolproof.

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Hot Hair

When I saw Thalia Jie on Saturday, she was wearing the cutest hairstyle that I absolutely coveted. However, it was blonde so I didn’t just snatch it off her head and instead went to 0 Style as soon as my pixel feet could carry me. Now the style is named Prissy, but hey, designers can’t be perfect. You and I know there’s nothing the least bit prissy about the wild abandon, swing and movement in this hair. However, when someone creates hair this beuatiful, we can forgive a misleading name.

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Learning to Knit

When I trotted out the Learning Suit from Paper Couture yesterday, I said the top would be wonderfully useful for other outfits because it has such a rich beautiful texture. Here’s a sample. The boat neck of the Learning Suit shirt works beautifully with this cowl neck sweater I got at the huge Celestial Studios sale. Now I knew I just had to find a perfect little skirt to go with.

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Tangled Web

This dress is so beautiful it makes me want Halloween to come at least once a month.  With a dramatic full ball-gown skirt of spun silk, this is a dress to take your breath away.  I found it on the hunt – not as a hunt prize, but an outfit at Pixel & Prim Paradise, one of the hunt stores. Yes, I know I would have been a faster hunter if I didn’t spend time shopping at the stores, but the purpose of the hunt is to introduce us shoppers to a grid wide selection of great shops, so of course I looked and shopped while hunting. Continue reading


I look a bit sad in this photo – probably because I am standing in a rainforest in the rain. Why? Well, wearing a dress called Amazonia, where else would I be?  But first, let’t look at this marvelous necklace and earrings from Sian Burke who is new to me. A Jewelry Expo discovery, I fell in love with the natural look of the gold – no glow, no full bright, no bling – just elegant natural rich gold. Yummmmmmy!

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A little bird told me…

My old boyfriend Schrottvogel Wei has earned a good reputation for his swimsuits, but his main focus has been his custom surfboards. However, he is expanding his bikini line, launching his new store VOGEL with 59 new bikinis. Why 59? It just happened that way. Anyway, Vogel means bird, hence the adorable logo on the derriere and in the post title.

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The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.

I have always liked that little “uh” when Bogart speaks the famous quote in The Maltese Falcon. Sometimes it’s the flaw that elevates the excellent to the extraordinary. After all, where would Lauren Hutton be without her gap? In the case of the new Tuli Elizabeth skin, I submit that the little mole under the left eye is what moves this skin into the extraordinary.In the past I have read the rave reviews of Tuli skins with bemusement as they never seemed to suit my face. This one, though, is a perfect fit. Continue reading

What do you call a dress that is almost free?

So…I am wandering around the Best of Italian Design sim – popping in to test a store SLUrl I added to the directory – and discovered OC: Orage Creations and dropped everything I was doing just to enjoy the marvelously surreal designs. Although most were priced about average for high fashion gowns, there were two dresses indistinguishable from the others in quality, but marked down without fanfare to 10 and 20L. I snapped them up and decided to share the wealth by spreading the word. The first one I put together with MiaSnow’s magnificently eccentric Wild Woman Hair – a magic chair gift. She kindly set the chair to 5 minutes, so it won’t take you all day to win. I thought the wild span of the hair and the wild black plumage at the top of the dress was a nice pairing.

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