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It‘s Memories That I‘m Stealing

Glitter Top and Skirt, Sn@tch shirt, Glamistry Shoes, Lelutka and Slink Mesh Body/Head and Glam Affair skin

It’s such a sad old feeling
the fields are soft and green
it’s memories that I’m stealing
but you’re innocent when you dream
when you dream
you’re innocent when you dream

Tom Waits

Glitter Top and Skirt, Sn@tch shirt, Glamistry Shoes, Lelutka and Slink Mesh Body/Head and Glam Affair skin


Penumbra Spring Summer Fashion Week wraps up today, though the shops will remain open for the month. Today I am wearing a top and skirt by Glitter called Lauren. It comes with a HUD that allows you to pick six texture options for the top and the skirt. I went for the solid black top and the black skirt with a pinstripe inset. The top is very short and just barely covers the nipples, leaving the underside of the breasts bare. That’s not my preference, so I added a bodysuit from Sn@tch, using their applier for the Slink Physique so I did not have to worry about the Glitter top fitting over the Sn@tch top. Besides, I think the teal and black lace adds a nice touch.  Continue reading

Summer Shape Up: A Poll

Shape Tune-up: A or B?

The Solstice begins at 11:09 p.m. tomorrow so if there’s any spring-cleaning to be done, you have about a day to finish before it becomes summer-cleaning. Aside from spring-cleaning, the other big focus of spring for many people is shaping up for summer and the more revealing fashions it brings. I decided to try a summer shape-up of my own. Now that it’s done, I thought it might be fun AND SCARY to ask you what you think.

Shape Tune-up: A or B?

All the pictures are taken from the same camera position, the slight differences arising from Shape B’s slightly shorter stature. The dress I am wearing is from Geometry for Chic2. It’s a deceptively simple high-waisted sheath that is beautifully complicated by the art-deco details on the back.
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Barely There

Azul Calypso Nude

This new gown from Azul for the Miss Virtual World contestant from Greece is stunning. Mami Jewell produced it in eight luscious colors, including one with an amazing opalescent fabric, but I could not resist the naughty nearly nude color of this one. The system pieces provide slip-free coverage while hinting at all sorts of possibilities.
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Every once in a while social, cultural and political events converge in a year that changes everything. 1964 was one of those years. It was the year of the Civil Rights Act that prohibited race and gender discrimination. President Johnson said it would cost the Democratic Party the South for a generation. Seeing that it’s two generations since then and the Southern Strategy still dominates electoral politics, he gave people too much credit. 1964 was the year America began bombing in Vietnam. Contrary to the stereotypical Archie Bunker, the majority of the working class was opposed to the war which was most strongly supported by economic and cultural elites – a natural byproduct of the college exemption from the draft that placed the risks of war solidly on the poor and working class, just as they shoulder the majority of the risk today.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.10

Chantkare Delight for Modavia Fashion Week



Applonia Criss of Chantkare knows prints and can match them better than anyone.  She has a bold palette and paints with an assertive, confident brush. This gorgeous skirt and top are perhaps the most subdued in her collection for Modavia Fashion Week, but the quiet details won my heart. I love the skirt sculpt with the the ribbon edging and trim and the gentle gathers. And green is my favorite color!

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.07

Anubis Mouche @ Modavia Fashion Week

Anubis Style has a bright, bold floral print that is full of exciting fashion details from the S-curve zipper to the yellow dashes down the legs, from the fingerless cerise gloves to the striped contrasting shoulder pads, this is an outfit to dazzle. One thing to note, the skirt of this dress is not a pencil skirt and is supposed to rest off the body. That means that switching to a skirt shape could actually exaggerate the silhouette and a regular shape will look more natural.

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Fancy-Ass Hair

Formal Hat & Embellished Hair

Gidge dared me to call it that. Frankly, my folder for this hair is named Formal Hair: Embellished or Hats. But Fancy-Ass hair is more descriptive and that’s what it is. This is Wow! hair. There’s full size shots of each of these in the Set on my Flickr.
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