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Does it Get Weirder Than Baked on Mesh?

I continue to play with the concept of Bakes On Mesh (WHY CAN’T WE CALL IT BAKED ON MESH?) and decided there was no more fun place to see what I could do than at my good friend Putrid’s place.

Putrid likes weird, and I like Putrid. It’s perfect.

I wandered around her club Sticky Fingers and was quite entertained to realize that my tattoos still show up properly over my “BAKED ON MESH SKIN”. I’d like to understand how the layering of all that works but no, I’m just going to pass and say WELL DONE THIS IS AWESOME.

Mesh body, mesh clothes, mesh shoes, applier tights and tattoos. Am I happy? Yeah I’m pretty happy. Continue reading

Raiding My Closet for Cold Weather

If there is one thing I’ve learned watching Cajsa style over the past few years, is that what seems to “go” with what you’ve just put on is often furthest from what you are going for.

The temperature in my RL has dropped significantly, and the new scarf from Baiastice was where I started my outfit- along with these boots from TenFifteen. Now, I was naked wearing a scarf and boots. Continue reading