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I Tumble Out Of Bed and I Stumble To The Kitchen

Lisp Bazaar Mermaids and Sea Dogs Kitchen

One of the best things about moving into my houseboat has been redecorating and making the empty shell my own. I’ve been kitchen shopping but living on a boat, I find that space is a huge consideration and I just can’t throw in much of the furniture pieces I like because I don’t have space. BUT PRAISE SWEET LITTLE BABY JESUS Lisp Bazaar has the best kitchen on the planet AND it has a nautical theme, for sale at Collabor88. Continue reading

A Valentine Gift Giving PSA

Valentine’s Day is coming. Yes You heard me and it’s not even February. However, I think it’s important to note that if you’ve got a special someone it’s not too soon to start planning.

First of all, I’d like to point out that getting married or partnered or engaged etc on major holidays is a terrible idea because if it goes poorly in the end you’ve tainted the day for future loves. So SCRAP that. Continue reading

A Weekend Off

My Second Life turned into chaos and ruin about a week ago so I decided to say fuck it and went on a little SL Vacay.  But rather than being gone and then returning going ALL IS WELL DING DONG SOUND THE ALARM I parked my AV at a little Christmas village and logged in occasionally to do something random.

Like make snow angels. Continue reading

Fall Colors are Cool Beans

Nothing in the fashion world makes me go MEH faster than a tank top. Oh you made a tank top? Yawn….

Unless it’s cute.

Which I why I like to be the first to show off CUTE tanks when someone takes the time to make something nice, there are just too many really average boring pieces out there for you to MISS something pretty.

Cool Beans has released the Demure Rose tank tops in pretty tones that are perfect for fall. Continue reading

The Skin I'm In…BAIASTICE – Nina

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has released a new skin called NINA with a variety of makeups available and tones. I’m stretching the porcelain tone across my shape today.

It’s a luminescent porcelain without being stark white. I love very pale skins but often they lack that beautiful depth of tone I’m looking for. Continue reading

In Your Cold Embrace

I awoke to a world covered in ice and snow. It seemed appropriate to swaddle my pixel self in COLD EMBRACE, a new release from A-Bomb. I can’t resist a sweater dress, they show off all thats right with your curves. Continue reading

Blogging My Bedroom Floor Day Five:A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

posted by Gidge

I was determined that I was not going to stop getting dressed until I had a complete outfit this time.

It was the tank from BLOWPOP that started it out. After I had it on, I realized that despite the fact that I’d already opened these roller skates that I got for December Dollingers rezz day party, the box was sitting there and hell, that means it qualified!

I also had the hair from Simply Britnee and so I pulled out one of the beautiful skins from Blowpop and some of my favorite shorts from Second Wave Apparel. I needed the bandaids cuz, ummm, I can’t skate in either life. Continue reading