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Retrofitting Club Gear

If I Were Clubbing_001

Digging through my inventory you might find a lot more items from Nomine that you’d imagine. Most of them are things I bought some time ago and the quality is too good for me to find a reason to trash outright. Continue reading

Nailed It

Chilly Spring Days

I wanted new poses that would flatter my mesh nails, and so I made one then two then three and I was like oh I might as well make a set, then I was like oh I might as well release them because other people have mesh nails they might like them. Continue reading

Upskirting for Brumly

Upskirting for Brumly


My friend has been blathering on in her “I am always right” sort of way that I needed to download Niran’s viewer because it makes Firestorm look like an old bag lady. Only she wasn’t so polite.

I’ve been an old Firestorm girl but since the gridlines and big black box issues, I just stopped taking pics in it mostly because I can’t FIX them. So today, before I logged in to shop, I downloaded Niran’s. The rest, is history. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day With Crochet Dresses and Bacon

Valentine_003Sophie and I would like to cordially invite you all over to our skybox on our friend Tristan’s land to enjoy some lovely bacon roses and chocolate fondue. This seems like an appropriate breakfast to me, so I do hope you’ll join us. Continue reading

Take Off

Hitting The Road


Hitting the road to head out of town is both an exciting adventure and a hassle. I love to travel, I hate to leave. Generally there is nothing for it but to plunge ahead and be pretty. I find that gets me through most things. Continue reading

I Am An Avatar In Motion

Avatar In Motion_001Our own Hybie, before becoming a regular member of the IOF family, had a travel blog called Avatars In Motion. It was her blog, and Honour McMillans, that propelled me out of the studio to experiment with shooting outdoors. Continue reading

New And Old

The New Office

My busy Friday started with going over to our new office at Glookbone to check out the studios and the build. Cajsa picked up one of the more lovely buildings at Scarlet Creative for our new office, it’s got great windows for pics so I couldn’t resist firing one off. Love the lights through the blinds. Continue reading