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Does This Mesh Make My Butt Look Big?


I have resisted the big butt because I just hadn’t seen one yet that really quite did it for me. I didn’t DISLIKE them I just was MEH, and thus didn’t warrant picking one up. But I was having a Gidgey moment this morning that Sasy was helping me with, and I thought DAMN Sasy looks cute.

I didn’t really realize that she was wearing a mesh butt, her butt looked good but in a subtle way – bigger, rounder, super sexy but not so big I couldn’t stop staring at the butt. And with that she and I were off to demo butts.

Seriously, that’s friends, the kind of friends who demo butts together. Continue reading

The Arcade Sent Me On Vacation

Well I got a new little dog. I might be into collecting little dogs now. With the Arcade feeding my cute things addiction this weekend it’s hard to say WHERE the madness will stop. But I’ve set up a little campsite with my new Tres Blah trailer and outdoor goodies, and the doggie and me are on vacay! Continue reading

My Calendar is Changing


I stopped off at the memorial garden for Squint the other day. I have been thinking about Squint (Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora) a lot lately. I agreed to organize Fashion For Life, the fashion fundraising event for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. I am sure I was asked because of my role organizing Love Donna Flora on her behalf last year. Like most of us, cancer has impinged on my life in many ways and continues to do so.

Right now, my niece is struggling with a particularly virulent form of cancer that has her driving 340 miles to the Mayo Clinic several times a month. A friend and former colleague is flying from Portland to Philadelphia for an experimental cancer vaccine treatment. Who knew cancer came with frequent flyer miles? Another friend’s father just learned Monday that his prostate cancer has not responded as they has hoped and he must try another treatment regimen. Last month yet another cousin died of cancer and I won’t even begin to count the losses in my extended family. My cousins number in the hundreds – so yeah, I don’t even want to start counting.


I do not know how senior citizens do it. I am far away from that demographic and already my calendar is changing from one that was almost nothing but birthdays and wedding anniversaries to an ever-growing collection of anniversaries of loss. And too many of those losses are due to cancer.

Fashion For Life Registration is Open

That is just one of the many reasons why I support Fashion For Life and through it, the American Cancer Society whose programs not only research better treatments, but advocate for prevention, early detection, provide support to people living with cancer all while focusing on the long term goal of ending this global scourge that takes over 8 million people a year. Whether as a designer or a shopper, you can make a difference. Please go to the Fashion For Life web site and mark your calendars for June 7th – 20th.

Continue reading

Stupid Little Dogs

I am not a dog person. This is pretty well known. I kind of DISLIKE dogs. Not the actual dogs. The idea of dogs. I’ve actually known some dogs in this world that I liked quite well. I even loved one or two.  But no, in general, I am not into dogs.

My grandparents however, had a set of old lady friends, “The Beason Girls” they were called, and they were sisters in law whose husbands had died. They loved little dogs. They were the sort of ladies who always had on gloves and a hat, and their shoes and purse matched. They brought their little dogs with them wherever they went.

When I was young, I was always curious about their dogs, they seemed to go through a LOT of dogs. Later I learned, that this was due to vacationing in Florida, along a freshwater canal. If you ever lived in Florida, you know that sending little dogs outdoors in some areas is akin to chumming for alligators. Thus, the Beason Girls had a lot of new little dogs.

I would ask my grandfather what types of dog, their dogs where, and he’d invariably say “Oh some stupid little dog.” And when they were arriving he’d wonder, “I wonder what stupid little dog they got this time?”

So when I saw this be-sweatered stupid little dog at The Mens Department from BIRDY well, you know it had to be mine.

Because – I can only HOPE to ever be as glamorous as The Beason Girls.

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Sweater: .: Somnia :. Jailbird {Lavender/White} {S}
Dog: .Birdy. Boston Buddy – Cuddle – The mens dept
Boots: Baiastice_Lunar Ankle boot-vanilla-LEFT-
Hair: Clawtooth: Moonage Daydream – Snow – Collabor88
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands with Caroline’s Nail Apliers
Jeans: u.f.o & B.C.C – point damage vintage denim – dark – S COLLABOR88
ShapeGidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~


Settled in For The Morning

I forgot I had this COZY chair from Fri.day and decided it was just the touch my bedroom needed. It’s a great piece for snuggling and unwinding when you don’t feel like heading out into your pixel life. It comes with three different blanket snuggling animations, as well and some regular sits too.

I saw this adorable wall decor from a brand called FOLLOW US on Marketplace.  It’s a little primmy because it’s sculpts but it’s cute. I do wish she’d release in mesh though, because I will end up replacing it pretty soon just due to the prims. However, it’s super inexpensive and great props for photoshoots. Continue reading

The Final Countdown – Let The Wrapping Begin!

It’s time! Time to wrap up the SL Christmas and get those presents where they belong. The hours are ticking along and with RL time now at a premium, I know most of us will be seeing less of the grid and more of the people who really matter. Continue reading

Thursday Child Is Full of Woe

Girl Thursday is a newer to me store with an intriguing name. I’m wearing a holiday release of a festive cable knit tank top – perfect, cuz I live on the beach.

I am interested in the name, because I want to know what it means. Is it Girl Thursday because it’s not quite as good as Girl Friday?  (You youngsters can Google that shit.) Or is it as in, Thursday’s Child is Full of Woe? Continue reading

Tree Trimming

My Christmas tree from LAQ Decor was a great find, Sasy recommended it when I was casting about for something new.  I haven’t been feeling well so comfy clothes from Somnia were perfect for my rainy night in.

Feeling crummy and wanting to do all the things is frustrating. Add to that gloomy weather, and a general malaise and decorating my tree was the most cheery thing I could think of to do. Continue reading

Busy Pixel Life

I had a busy morning and afternoon, but nothing some fuel couldn’t help me power through. I had to pay the rent and then run off to do some shopping. Pixel Food should just magically appear don’t you think?

Luckily I know a great meat market.

I picked up new heels from LaRoo at Shoetopia and they’re adorable. They’ve got an easy skin matching system, puts me in mine of how GOS does it with a database. The match for me was fast and easy.  The shoes were comfortable and cute for my daily shopping trip and perfect for entertaining. They dress up or down perfectly with their Mary Jane inspired styling. Continue reading