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Belleza y Moda

Belleza y Moda! Beauty and Fashion! Love of beauty and fashion energizes much of the passion of Second Life creators, bloggers and fashionistas. It is what sends skin creators back to their tablets to develop ever more beautiful skins. It’s what motivates creators to play with sculpts and textures to find new forms and to explore to the fullest what SL fashion can be.

Today I am wearing some of the boldest explorers who most fully realize and expand the boundaries of SL beauty and fashion. From MiaMai whose textures are stunning, to Mimikri who knows no bounds in finding new ways to form and shape clothing. From Stiletto Moody who has been at the vanguard of SL footwear development, to Truth whose energetic and playful explorations of hair sculpts send weekly tremors across the grid and finally, to Belleza whose stunning skins are at the apex of SL skin creation.

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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

When I looked in my clothing folder this morning I saw a lonely little jacket not in a folder, but sitting there all alone and loose. I recognized the name and realized it was one that I bought Humby Designs on my shopping spree. I just came without a folder and so I decided to make an outfit around it – the one you see above. It’s a great outfit. Still, gray plaid jacket and an autumn look is pretty predictable, isn’t it? So…for fun…I decided to take that simple jacket and style one outfit for each season.

All photos are shot at MDR’s Photo Park which is open to the public. Click on through if you want to see more details on the outfits. And – if any bloggers out there want to take a shot at making an All-Seasons Item post, I would love to see it.

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