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Exploring Second Life

Ebony Coast

The beautiful Ebony Coast

Exploring Second Life® could land you with hundreds of landmarks – many of them with names that provide no clue to what the place if like. All those landmarks just take up space, so a back in 2007 I began organizing my landmarks in a notecard to save space in my inventory. Since I was going to the trouble of putting them in a notecard, I started to group them with labels like Castles, Gardens and so on. Over the years I have added many more landmarks and twice a year go through and clean out and check them all to see if they are still accurate. It’s a sad task because each time so many loved places are lost or have changed hands. It’s sad to see a wonderfully imaginative sim turned into a strip mall. But along the way, I see some exciting new remodels of sims and changes over time, so it’s a bittersweet task. Which all brings me to the point of this post. I have just finished updating the notecard and to make my life easier, instead of handing it out to everyone, I put up a notecard giver in a round little box at It’s Only Fashion. I also added the slurl to the blogroll, so if you lose it, you can go back and get it again. So go pick it up, it’s free.