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Make Mine a Latte


You can get some fabulous wardrobe basics for just 10 L at DCNY for the With Love Hunt. This ruffled top is packaged with four colors – black, grey, taupe and tan – and comes with ruffled cap sleeves that I removed to wear with the jacket from Hucci. The jacket has classic styling and was offered at Collabor88 earlier this year. The skirt is out now at faMESHEd and is from NYU. It comes in several bold colors.

I love coffee and I especially love a super-strong espresso latte. I used to live right across from Grand Central Bakery where they made amazing pastries and fabulous lattes. However, their latte expertise was highly developed for me. Whenever I ordered a latte, their barista would ask, “Dry or wet?” and I would stand there confused by my banal assumption that a latte would by definition be wet. It turns out that there is a difference. A wet latte has more steamed milk than foam while a dry latter has more foam than steamed milk. Funny thing, though, I cannot really taste the difference.

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