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Sometimes I buy impractical things that I do not need for any reason.

Such as dresses composed entirely of sequins. I gotta confess when I saw this dress at Dolly Rock I truly had to run over and pick it up. It’s just such an OUT THERE dress…….cut down to THERE…..tight all around THERE…….with fun photosourced sequin texturing all over. Continue reading

Show Some Skin

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa warned you I had new skins! 🙂 There isn’t a pixel day that goes by that I don’t THANK GOD for my now SL Dead Blingtard friends who only ever took me shopping at X3D (now Digit Darkes).  Because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be wearing some absolutely gorgeous, radiant new skins.

I was trying to get off to bed last night when word of the hunt at Diversity came and I braved another hour online (despite it being day two at a new job!) to make the best of it! The new skins are simply radiant and the variety of make up options are truly myriad. Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m dogmatic about my eyes. I never change them. It’s to the point where I often think I’ll forget to list them in the fashion details – FNKY – PURPLE RAIN. Yet when I recently picked up this festive limited edition skin at Juicy it came packed full of these iridescent eyes with butterfly pupils.

A soft pink make up with delicate details for a girly girl seemed just my sort of skin to have hanging in the closet and I loved the idea of there being only a limited number of them being sold. I immediately knew what carnival of pink I’d drape over this new skin. Continue reading