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In Living Color


How many of us have predominantly black, grey, and white clothing? How many homes have all white walls and neutrals with a “pop” of accent color? We don’t have achromatopsia, so why do we live like we do? Why are neutrals considered more tasteful than active, vibrant colors? 

Did you know that those classic white statues from ancient Rome and Greece were not originally white? They were painted and full of bright gaudy color. I wonder sometimes if the centuries of elevating their pristine monochromatic grandeur are why we are so shy with color in our lives today.
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I Am Doll Parts



I was excited to get a chance to check out this mesh hybrid avatar from a.e. meth for Skin Fair 2013. I have a Bloom Doll avatar which was a fun bobbled headed adventure, but this is something different – more of the vein of those who love the variety of dolls of the world and dressing them up. Continue reading

For Elyse – Tuli’s Release for Skin Fair 2013

Gold Girl

I went to bed shoeless, wondering what shoes would work with this breezy new dress from One Bad Pixel. But morning came and I had an epiphany.

Never doubt the power of a blogger who creates clean, memorable images. This morning, I work up and my first thought was – “G Field, that’s where I’ll go. Gogo always wear’s G Field and they’ll work great.” Continue reading