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I'll see your Donna Summers and raise you Chaka Khan

You ain’t got no kind of feeling inside
I got something that will sure ’nuff set your stuff on fire
You refuse to put anything before your pride
I got something that will knock all your pride aside

Tell me something good (tell me, tell me, tell me)
Tell me that you love me
Tell me something good (tell me, tell me, tell me)
Tell me that you like it, yeah

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Membership has its privileges

I had just finished dressing and was ready to shoot an outfit last night when I received a Group Notice from Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie. This group is a bit different from other SL groups in that you are more likely to get an invitation to come dance the night away as a new product notice. She loves to have fun with her group – and so it was easy to forego shooting photos and pop over to Tres Jolie for a hello. Continue reading

Dots & Fleurishes

Le Petite Fleur has more than an outrageously fun group gift. The store has lots of lovely dresses. The one I am wearing today is a confection with a cream base and several tones of dots in all the shades of coffee, from latte to mocha to espresso. I really wanted to wear this particular necklace, so I took of the dotted bodice that comes with it and chose another top. Continue reading

Fleur Perfection

Creamy Cooljoke just wrote about this lovely group gift from Le Petite Fleur yesterday and I had to have it – in part because I used to this dress in RL or one substantially similar. Seeing it made me nostalgic and I rushed to get the dress which took all of two seconds since it was a group gift. It was chilly last night, though, so I added a shrug from Stitch by Stitch to cover the bare shoulders and stay a bit warmer. Continue reading

The Incredible Hotness of Beige

So there I was, innocently reading this book and along comes a line that said “His world had become beige, passionless and flat.” As a beige-lover I was outraged. There’s so many things wrong with that sentence it’s hard to know where to start, but first lets dispense with the idea that beige is flat.

Beige is a color that reflects light – creating depth and texture that darker colors often lose. It also creates softer shadows than white. You can see the depth and richness of beige in this BoA Creations dress. Beige is a rich color and comes in many variations.

Let’s also throw away the idea that beige is passionless – beige projects a sustained passion. Red is often the color most associated with passion – but red is obvious, blatant, it’s the quickie of color passion. Beige is subtle, mysterious, the slow seduction of color passion. Continue reading

One of these days these boots are gonna …

I don’t think Nancy was thinking of Stiletto Moody’s boots in particular – especially that line “These boots are made for walking” but no matter, these definitely boots made for many things. Look at that heel, look at the sheen, oh yes, these boots are gonna have fun. Continue reading

Talk to the Shoes

“Talk to the shoes!”  That’s my reply to anyone questioning my sanity when i confess a little tiredness today from staying up late for the Stiletto Moody new release. Seriously, when you look at these shoes, can you even doubt it?

This photo was shot in the Virtual Reality Room – a wonderful little box with photo panoramas that create the sense of really being there. You can reach MDR’s VRR with any of the teleports in the main studio. Here I am standing over a little cloud cover. I didn’t play around with the backdrops because there was a couple using it at the time and I could tell they had spent forever editing their pose or their shapes because their pose was such a perfect fit. They were shooting themselves on the moon – and I bet the photo will be wonderful. This bit was on the opposite side of the VRR, so a few quick snaps and I was out of there. Continue reading