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Very Casual at Cadenza


I was feeling casual and after seeing that fabulous Whippet & Buck yoked t-shirt, I just had to try it out and mixing it with a different shirt just to see if it would work. Shorts from Miel were a perfect casual fit.


I was hanging out at Cadenza – an amazing water build with a small bandshell filled with flowers and a piano from which glowing musical staffs emanate. Continue reading

That must have been some battle

I won this dress!  And after Iota told me about the inspiration for the dress – The Battle of Rajasthan – I think it’s so appropriate that I won it. To be completely honest, I don’t see a battle going on in the dress – unless it’s a battle between pink and green. If so, well the wearer is the victor. Iota made this dress in several shades and it took me almost two weeks to pick the one I wanted. There’s a gorgeous blue and yellow that had my name on it, too.  However, since retiring from photography, I have to watch my lindens more closely and happily winning 2nd in one of her photo contests, I was able to get one. I love pink and green together – just about more than anything…so this is it. The dress is called Junko – after one of Iota’s friends, but no matter the name, or the inspiration, the fabric is just amazingly detailed and beautiful.

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