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Que le vaya bien.


Adios a Mexico, Distrito Federal, lo faltaremos mucho. It’s always said to hear that another sim is leaving. I know there is a cycle and new sims are born and old ones get sold, remade and revived sometimes, but I would love to get new sims and still keep old sims. I don’t know the reason D.F is closing or when its last day will be, but I am going to shoot a few sets there before it goes. Distrito Federal, or DF, is a sim based on Mexico City, but many of its charms come from navigating the underground and exploring the powergrid. There are many levels to the city and you should explore them before it’s gone.

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Anna's Many Murders


I have been to see Anna’s Many Murders, the recent sim installation from Bryn Oh, a half dozen times. It’s an intriguing sim and has so much to see and explore that I hope you all take a trip there. One of the most striking scenes is the fox leaping, pouncing on the small Bosch-like creature running away.


It seems so ominous and reminds me of so many things from Breughel to Bosch to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. I love so much about it that I simply had to shoot some pics that illustrated something of what it makes me think of.

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This Is Why I Quit Buying My Kittycats Vitamins

Feeding a cat this big borders on the ridiculous. I knew I shouldn’t buy those vitamins at the Kittycats store but I was trying to get that PERFECT KITTEN like everyone else. Instead I got kittyzilla. Continue reading

What Goes With Pig Ear Glasses?

…anything I want.

Elusyve and I got various fun glasses at Kik the other night and my own favorite are the pig ear glasses.
I used to have an aunt who was forever buying me shirts and sweatshirts with farm animals on them.
I’m not sure why she thought I would want or would wear such a thing.
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Blogging My Bedroom Floor Chapter Six:WoE Is Me

You didn’t think I was done did you? Good god. My bedroom is an even bigger mess right now just because of all the stress in my life I’ve been throwing stuff out there like mad. Today’s post is a combo of things on my floor, things not on my floor, and things on my floor that were already IN my inventory but for some reason I hadn’t picked up the box yet.
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elf tuesday – 2/52 Blue

 2/52 blue

Ok Luna, its week 2 of the 52 weeks of color challenge, and you have picked out the colour that I think I have the LEAST of in my inventory.  I mean, I could almost start to take this personally, bcuz if you type the word “blue” into my inventory, perhaps 10 items come up.  *sings to self*  ‘I gots no blue bla da dee da da dooo…”

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