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I Need A Dress That Says……

posted by Gidge Uriza

(just an author’s note – all sentiments listed below are actually one year old – they were the motivation for the dress’s purchase)

  • I am no longer to be considered trivial
  • I am not extra, I am part of the crew – as a matter of fact, I do more than you
  • Your boyfriend asked me to be his date for the grand opening of his club
  • He asked me because you are out of town, but it’s a real date
  • I am competing with you
  • Pay attention, because here I am, and I’m not leaving
  • I am powerful, I am beautiful and if you are bad to me, I will rock your world

What sort of dress expresses so much power and fashion? What sort of dress REALLY puts you out there….so that you CANNOT be ignored?

I thought this one did. Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m dogmatic about my eyes. I never change them. It’s to the point where I often think I’ll forget to list them in the fashion details – FNKY – PURPLE RAIN. Yet when I recently picked up this festive limited edition skin at Juicy it came packed full of these iridescent eyes with butterfly pupils.

A soft pink make up with delicate details for a girly girl seemed just my sort of skin to have hanging in the closet and I loved the idea of there being only a limited number of them being sold. I immediately knew what carnival of pink I’d drape over this new skin. Continue reading

Mayan Hawaiian

It was a hot day today so I wore the lovely cotton Hawaiian print skirt from the O’Brien Goes Hawaiian set from Ingenue.  A nice crisp cotton can be so cool in hot weather and a vintage print like this one just says summer all day long. The set comes with a lovely short sleeve white cotton blouse, but I wanted a bit more spice than that. Lots more spice! 

Looking through my tops, I found a few camis that would work, but still not spicy enough so I started trying on some of the dress tops in my orange folder, thinking that would really pop and sure enough, this top from SeVan’s Isabella dress was what I was looking for. Maybe I’m crazy, but I like it. Continue reading

Glam It Up for Shopping

So I decided to go check out Viva la GLAM, eager to see what they have done. I decided to fortify myself before heading out to the sim, just as a sensible shopper has a snack before going to the grocery store. So, I dressed and accessorized and all round glammed up. Not that this stopped me from going downright silly when I saw the great necklaces and bangles at Viva la GLAM, but I tried.

I started out with a lovely pink dress from Pink, formerly SeVan, called Tessa. I don’t know if you have been to SeVan, but if you haven’t, it’s a treat. The clothes are arranged by color there – and for some reason, I just love seeing all the reds and all the greens in their groups. I added the Tropical Heels from Digit Darkes that I picked up at the RFL Fashion Expo last weekend and the luscious Glam Earrings from creamshop. You can get them in several colors. Believe it or not, the set comes with an even more massive set of earrings.

There are many more photos on my Flickr.

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By Cajsa Lilliehook. 

Thursday night I was DJ’ing for a party at our Photo Studio and wanted a hot little outfit for dancing.  I had recently purchased a cute little sundress from SeVan and really wanted to wear that gorgeous yellow print, but wasn’t in the mood for a dress, so I decided to wear the top. I added the oh-so-versatile Shiny Shiny Magic Pants that I can tint to any color and tinted them the blue in the top’s print. They didn’t meet up perfectly so I tossed on one of the sashes from the Fat Pack from Persona. But it looked unfinished to me. Then I remembered this gorgeous shrug jacket from Digit Darkes in bright yellow. No, I didn’t put on the jacket, I just put on the sleeves, making them look like they were part of the SeVan top. Mixing and matching is so much easier in Second Life. Can you imagine doing that in real life? More photos on my flickr

Additional Photo and Style notes after the jump. Continue reading