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The Clothing Fair – A Post Where No One Complains

posted by Gidge Uriza

My biggest concern going to the Relay for Life Clothing Fair was truly, what I PERSONALLY was going to wear.  I like the Challenge of putting on something Low ARC and looking good – and positively impacting my own experience in what can otherwise sometimes be LAG HELL of Fairs and Expos. Continue reading

Raid His Closet

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I saw the Tateshina mens set posted by Tori Heart a few weeks ago, my first though was, “That would look totally cute on me.” For reasons I never quite understand, a lot of the Bare Rose male models LOOK like girls (one has boobs I swear) so I often eye the menswear with the same desire as the women’s releases.

One of my very favorite features of the releases at Bare Rose is that June frequently offers multiple colors of the same item, for a very reasonable price. This one comes with two sets of pants and 4 shirt colors. Continue reading